About Bitcoin ERA

What is the Bitcoin Era?

The cryptocurrency market holds great easy-profit potential. Being available 24/7 and offering the investors the option to trade numerous cryptocurrencies as well as fiat money, with its growing trend and popularity, along with recorded success stories, there is no wonder more and more investors of all levels and from all around the world are entering this market. 

While stock trading requires prior knowledge and preferably experience, none is required to trade cryptocurrencies. It was meant to be accessible for everyone, and along with the growing market, new trading tools were developed that made this possible.

Since its release in 2009, Bitcoin – the most popular and well-known cryptocurrency – had shown astounding growth of close to 1000%. Since it was first introduced, additional crypto coins have joined the market, currently offering a selection of over 1600 different coins. 

Bitcoin Era was created by a team of expert traders, who combined their skills and determination to create software for the crypto trading platform, which will allow everyone and anyone to trade cryptocurrency with ease.

Bitcoin ERA

The system has an intuitive, user-friendly interface, yet a complex and advanced technology which allows automated trading at highest accuracy and success rate.

All the features and advantages are wrapped up in this award-winning, industry’s leading, automated trading system, which does the work for you – scanning the markets, analyzing the data, finding lucrative trading opportunities, and executing trades. You do not need to do a thing, just let it work for you.

Who Is Behind Bitcoin Era

The Bitcoin Era was created by expert traders with the idea of creating a smart, advanced, automated, trading system that will serve any and every trader, regardless of his or her level of trading experience or market knowledge. The team came together and combined their years of experience in the global trading markets so that you can benefit from their knowledge and successes. 

Every member of our team has previously worked for brokers and trading firms, where they recognized the vast potential and lucrative opportunities within the market. This sparked the idea: if they could capitalize on these opportunities themselves, why not make it accessible for all? Indeed, the market is filled with infinite possibilities and innumerable chances for profitability.

Technical knowledge and skills, combined with trading experience, determination, and purpose, led up to this – top-notch, proven, powerful, easy to use, fully automated cryptocurrency trading software – The Bitcoin Era system.

Bitcoinera trader

What Makes The Bitcoin Era Different?

We do everything we can to make sure you make the most of the tools that are made available to you and enjoy the financial gains of successful tradings. For that reason, the Bitcoin Era App offers several trading modes and many features, along with the best customer support, all of which are detailed on our Homepage.

These are the five main characteristics of the Bitcoin Era that make it stand out and above any other trading software on the market:

Comprehensive Customer Support

Bitcoin Era provides two levels of supports for its valued members: A customer care team to assist with registration and provide general information and support; and: A professional support team of brokers to assist with the system setup, trading and expert advice.

User-Friendly Interface

The Bitcoin Era trading platform, although having many features and settings options, is intuitive and very easy to operate. There is no need for prior experience, plus – professional assistance is available, at no cost. We recommend starting small and using the automated feature.

Safe And Secure

The Bitcoin Era keeps both your personal and financial information safe, so you are the only one who has access to your account. The privacy and trading regulation are closely kept, and the newest, most advanced, security protocols are applied to ensure your privacy and security.

Award-Winning Software

The Bitcoin Era has a time advantage over the market, superior accuracy, and highest success rate, compared to its competitors. Being an all-in-one-package of advanced technology, combined with comprehensive customer support and proven results, there is no wonder that it already won several rewards.

Free Trading Software

The Bitcoin Era trading system is free. Anyone can join, everyone is welcome. There is no registration fee, no download needed, no membership dues, no hidden charges. Members enjoy unlimited support at no cost, withdrawals are free as well and processed within 24 hours.

Do not delay – Join the Bitcoin Era today!